Hi, I’m Eric!

I studied photography and filmmaking in college, but decided to take a web design class over the summer between my freshman and sophomore year—you know, just for fun. I was introduced to a wonderful new world of Dreamweaver 4.0, HTML, FTP, tables, and spacer gifs. While I still have a passion for film and photography, it was that hobby that turned into a career.

While working at my local Apple Store, I freelanced for small businesses—designing and developing websites of all kinds. I eventually took an opportunity working full-time for Capital One as a web designer. All those years of pouring over Eric Meyer’s CSS books during lunch breaks, learning (and re-learning) PHP and MySQL, and mastering Photoshop filter combos had finally paid off! Immediately after holding the first iPhone, I discovered a new passion—mobile app design. Following that passion opened up entirely new opportunities for me, both within and, ultimately, outside of Capital One.

Now, working with Mobelux—a team of 8 when I joined, but currently 35 strong—I am involved with every aspect of making a digital product. It’s no longer accurate to call myself a designer, a UX designer, or even a product designer. I do all of those things. And so much more. I am also deeply involved in client management, business development, competitive analysis, user interviews, product roadmapping, budgeting and prioritization, front-end development, and QA.

On a personal note, I’m a husband, a father to my wonderful two-year-old son, and have been a resident of Richmond, VA for the last 16 years. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies of all genres, spending time with my family, traveling when I have the chance, and photographing everything along the way.

Swanson Dance gif

I’m also a little obsessed with animated gifs.